Saptodjojokartiko Experience: Miriam Syakira's Wedding

He went to see my father and told him that he wanted to take us to more zoo trips for the rest of his life!

Such a sweet yet witty phrase she used to convey a big turn of her relationship. Our lovely client, Miriam Syakira, might not imagined that she would meet someone precious in a dinner gathering, early of last year. After being introduced by their close friends, this special person definitely worked the flirt by showing up at her office the very next day. The sweet gesture made a step closer towards Miriam's heart.

Miriam's husband seems to be a very friendly and outgoing person; when other men usually need quite a while to mingle with their girlfriend's family, he broke the ice easily. She still cannot forget how her spouse enthusiastically planned and gathered her whole family in a road trip to the zoo, not long after they officially started their relationship. 'It was something that he planned and everyone looked forward to it. We were all very happy, and I'm still grateful of that!'

Things went well, and the expected moment finally came. When her husband implied his future intentions directly, Miriam could not resist to be blushing. I was shocked yet flattered. He met her father to allege his desire afterwards, and made it to continue to the next stage.

Between her wedding preparation, Miriam arranged a visit to Maison Saptodjojokartiko. Knowing about the designer since she was very young, Miriam has no hesitation to discuss her wedding dresses. She desired simple, sweet, classic, yet sophisticated looks for her wedding, and all these characteristics were successfully interpreted by a graceful modern white kebaya with floral embroidered veil on top, and a custom lace kebayawith hand-embroidered crystals and flower petals, and traditional wedding attire called beskap for the groom.

Her adorance towards European royals and other contemporary Western brides when they walk down the aisle, assimilated with traditional Sundanese kebaya reveals a strikingly unique bride style. 'I love every single bit of it! Nothing is less than the other. The details, the embroidery, the ornaments he has chosen, not to mention how each dress fits you like gloves!'

The wedding day was beyond beautiful. Even though Miriam did not have a small and modest wedding like she had always imagined, she tried to make it intimate and decent by not overdoing the decoration. She decided to combine flowers and colonial ornaments to keep it chic, simple and romantic. Although every moment of it was undoubtedly beautiful, Miriam admitted that she could not help to manage her exhilaration while she was seeing her husband for the first time right after the Ijab Qobulceremony. 'I was very content to see him happy and relieved'

Above all, after all of this lovely experience, there is a value of love she believes the most, 'love is a sincere feeling. it only knows how to give, without hoping for anything in return'



DATE : 05/03/2018

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