Saptodjojokartiko Experience: Eda Supranoto’s Wedding

You'e busy playing nice, you sweeten up my life

I'm here making eyes try to keep you by my side
Sugar you' I wanna get to know ya!'

— Oh Honey

One day changed everything. This is – more or less – the precise statement to portray Eda Supra's adorable love story. Their encounter was an unplanned one, as natural as the river's stream. It was supposed to be a meeting with a friend for Eda, in between her visit in Jakarta. But there he was, the eternal love unexpectedly knocked the door, opening one-day-chance to tie its knot. A mutual friend introduced them to each other, and a beautiful serendipity happened: he planned to visit Surabaya, the city where Eda lives, to attend a charity concert. Such a coincidence – oh well, good coincidence! – that they could meet again in Surabaya. Of course, Eda agreed to be a full-day tour guide for him. She might not think that one day could change everything. But apparently, this is perhaps one lesson of life she finally learnt. Initially, it was a nice friendship, until they realized that they wanted more.

Amongst lots of memories during their relationship, there is one thing Eda remembers the most. She was – and actually, still – mesmerized by such great knowledge her husband has about Japan. At their first time going for holiday together in Japan, he showed her so many new things, things that are not caught well by many other visitors. It all makes sense after she found out about his frequent business trips to Japan. Taking our lover to a place that we know by heart is always a good idea, isn't it?

July 2016, a new chapter of life was opened. After she said 'Yes', all wedding necessities were gradually gathered. During that time, Eda collected references of everything, until finally she figured out about Saptodjojokartiko. 'I met Mas Sapto, and then suddenly, Mas Sapto showed me the textile. Big flower lace. That was Elie Saab-inspired textile. No wonder. He’s one of my favorite designers'. Noticeable lacey flower ornaments is the major thing Eda would love to have. Natural and simple are her 'keywords' of wedding dress, merged with outdoor party concept she chose within fascinating scenery of Bali Island. Another detail which she fond the most is its cutting: semi-mermaid. This silhouette never goes wrong, particularly when a woman desires striking contour in her appearance. 'Everyone said the dress is super nice!'

Coherently, the wedding party was also inspired by calla lily flowers, which people believe as a symbol of grace and elegance. With the domination of white, some glasses and mirrors, Eda's wedding party is anything but ordinary. Still, above the wedding's visual beauty, Eda has something more important lingers in her memory. 'The moment when we were entering the reception, when our family and friends opened the gate with holding the sparkles. That moment really touched me and made me cry, tears of joy'.

Eda's love journey is definitely one of the priceless things she has been gifted with. It brings a new value in her life. 'Love is something that we feel, and we feel excited when we are thinking about it. It's the best thing'.



DATE : 05/03/2018

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