Saptodjojokartiko Experience: Deborah Tennia’s Wedding

“When I see your smile, I can face the world”.

This Bad English' partial song lyric is no longer exaggerating after we know about how Deborah Tennia met her husband. It was a nice and comfortable morning when Deborah had a mingle breakfast with friends. As she came around, something captivated her whole mind within seconds, and it wasn't the meal nor the venue. Just like popular tales of Disney, Deborah immediately in love at her first encounter with a guy introduced by their mutual friends – someone she might consider as 'Prince Charming' – who now become her husband. 'I was immediately charmed by his dimples, and for those who know me well, they know I always have this thing for dimples since forever'

Long story short, the dimple enchantment rolls out the red carpet towards deeper feeling everytime they see each other. Every moment counts, yet the stunning thing is the way Deborah cherishes their first date as the most memorable moment of their relationship. That's a prove for a quote saying 'ÿwoman always remember the first time of everything'. Time flew, 24 full moon passed. After all trials, ups and downs that they had, the proposal day finally came. A lifetime decision was spoken and it brought them closer to the most glorious day.

While other bride-to-be know every single detail they want to put on their wedding gown, it is pretty peculiar that there was no bridal dream look crossed her mind, 'I'm indecisive and I changed my mind every second. I think that's why', she explained. But thankfully, this dilemma soon vanished by the time Deborah met Sapto Djojokartiko.
Deborah's first crush towards Saptodjojokartiko's dresses started back in 2009 – around 8 years ago – when she attended a friend' wedding, who wore a gorgeous bridal gown from Saptodjojokartiko. It took seconds for her to say to herself that this designer brand will be the one she choose to participate on creating her own. '£It was that easy to fall in love with Mas Sapto’s creation. He has a distinguished taste, a praise-worthy one.'

When Deborah' big day came, her ultimate desire materialized. The heavenly beautiful bride put herself in perfection wearing Saptodjojokartiko Bride dress with delicate lace and tulle application. At last, Deborah figured out how her wedding dress should be; something that was beyond her imagination. Her elegant look conspired very well with the simple and modern wedding decor; it's sophistication in every way. 'Everything was exactly how I wanted it to be, and everyone had so much fun. Especially me and my husband.'
About love itself, Deborah gave a meaningful and witty quote. It's both bitter and sweet, yet it has its own verity: “Love covers over a multitude of sins'

Thank you Deborah Tennia, for involving Saptodjojokartiko Bride in one of the most important moments of your life. We wish you a happy marriage and a great life together!

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DATE : 05/03/2018

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