Saptodjojokartiko Experience: Janet PrasetioÔÇÖs Wedding

'Love is about giving in and loving each other's quirks' ' Janet Prasetio.

There might be many people believe that business brings bliss ' mostly in terms of material ' but perhaps the best kind of luck occurs to only few. Janet Prasetio did not think that her business-purposed contact with a man she met during a villa party in Bali was the gate which led her into that best kind of luck: love of her life. The business consignment opportunity they have opened apparently brought more than just a deal, about which they both have been affirmative.

Surprises came gradually, as Janet involved in deeper relationship with his spouse-soon-to-be. Pleasant constant bouquet appearance happened often. His sweet kindness is also so unbreakable that it may melt down coldest of hearts. He has always been around in Janet's family gatherings, as well as took Janet's grandmother out for dinner, even when she's out of town. Where else a woman should quest when she has someone like this on her side?

Time goes by and everything went great, but there's nothing compared to that moment happened on December, 2016. It was during a memorable work event where he suddenly brought Janet up to the rooftop of Bukit Pandawa Golf in Bali for a sunset and a selfie. He got on his knees and popped the question.'He's probably sure that 'm going to say 'yes' as he hid a bottle of champagne at the back of the sofa. It was really sweet and special. As we get back down to the event, he get to announce the good news to both our parents and friends who were in the event', Janet mentioned.

The big day was festive. It was started by tea ceremony, prayer, Buddhist blessing ceremony and ended by dinner reception. Their wedding concept revolves and evolves around oriental charm of the whole sacred rituals with a modern touch and a sprinkle of whimsy. Bold ornament of her wedding is uniquely distinctive than many weddings. The bride & groom attires were created by Saptodjojokartiko Bride – with beautiful hand-crafted embroideries, beads and sequins. Instead of wall decoration or flower bouquets, the complementing attires were the bold ornaments since the two was moving from house to several different places.'Both our attires look nothing like what he had done, I was both happy and impressed. I love how my groom and I matched each other's outfit on the day.'

Janet is also a very specific person when it comes to her dream wedding look. She had multi inspirations as well as sources to conceive her wedding experience. After discovering Saptodjojokartiko runway and bride designs on Instagram, Janet felt that she found the right maison and decided to collaborate with Saptodjojokartiko. She later planned to have slim modern Qipao collar for her dress, with two meters of beaded train invented by Saptodjojokartiko. Gold birds headpiece was chosen over wedding veil, completed with self-embellished winged-heel Sophia Webster shoes. All elements harmonized, creating exceptional beauty in such unforgettable day.

We wish Janet and her husband a prosperous and happy life together!

Photos courtesy of Janet Prasetio.



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