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A Friendship That Lasts Every Life Phases

Noi Aswari, Vannya Istarinda and Likwidiani Kusumasari’s Friendship

One thing that strengthens Noi Aswari, Vannya Istarinda, and Likwidiani Kusumasari’s friendship is sharing each other’s stories. And their bond became more substantial as they were all in the same phase of life. So, like a domino effect, there is an imminent chain reaction within their friendship from the dating stage to the marriage life, as it all happened in a short period.

Their friendship started with Feisal (Noi’s husband), who was friends with Vannya; he introduced Arya (Vannya’s husband) to Vannya and became their matchmaker. On the other hand, Noi and Lily had known each other since 2011, Lily then was introduced to Adit (Lily’s husband), whose friends with Arya by Noi and Feisal, and that’s how they intertwined with each other and became very good friends ever since.

The three of them had known SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO for a long time, but the most meaningful moment about how they remember the brand was when Noi and Vannya wore a dress made by Sapto Djojokartiko, our Creative Director, for their wedding day. And they were also frequently attending our fashion shows. For Noi herself, she remembers when she was in high school, her cousin also wore a dress made by our Creative Director for her wedding, and that was the day Noi decided that on her big day, she would wear one, and it would become her dream wedding. Noi’s dream wedding did come true as she wore a beautiful and intricate embellished look made by Sapto Djojokartiko on her big day.

They believe SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO collections are iconic, and people would easily recognize them without looking at the label. It has its signature characteristics with distinguishable layering, embroidery, and patterns. Noi affirms that every collection is versatile; the looks can be worn dressed up or dressed down effortlessly. As for Vannya, the color has its distinctive palette and layering characteristic that is only synonymous with the brand.

Their style significantly changed before and after the marriage and evolved in a refined, polished way. They also notice that during their younger years, they dressed more formally, but nowadays, they dress more casually to appear more effortlessly youthful. Moreover, after having a child, Vannya only wants to wear comfortable and simple things because she used to wear high heels back in the day.

For each of them, their style depends on each one’s body type. Noi loves her palazzo pants. It can elevate her looks in a sophisticated way, and it's also quite versatile that she wears them for any occasion, from a dinner, a movie date, or a party. As for Vannya, she prefers essential items that are simple and can be worn multiple times. Lily and two of her best friends agreed that their current style preference is shifting. They currently prefer loose dresses more than fitted ones because they're more straightforward, practical, and relaxed.

Discussing their style preference, no significant source inspired them because nowadays, they have so many platforms to draw their inspiration from. They compile bits and pieces and twist them to be their own. For example, Noi used to adore Olivia Palermo and her sense of style, but these days she is enjoying a more effortless and pragmatic approach as it’s more relatable to her current phase of life.

To conclude the delightful conversation, they were asked about what changes in their routine, and they unanimously answered that now they’re all married, and they went on couples’ trips with their spouses. Since Vannya has a baby, Noi and Lily often visit her house and enjoy playdates with Varro, Vannya’s son. But no matter how busy they are, the three best friends still manage to spend quality time together and go for treatment occasionally. And nothing beats quality time well spent, especially with the ones you loved to be around the most.

Photographed by Hakim Satriyo

Makeup and Hairdo by Sissy Sosro and Team