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A Lifetime Journey

Wedding of Teresa and Kelvin

“I think we met when we’re still in elementary school around grade 4 or 5”.

The journey of Teresa and Kelvin started out from their early childhood. Teresa remembered when they used to tease and compete with each other during bicycle races, tennis games, and daily basketball tournament at 4 PM.

When the couple started dating back in their uni days, it was a long distance relationship with time difference. Though their conversations endure on countless Skype calls, many memorable and precious moments remarked. It was the time to learn to know and understand each other better, compromise, and make a little sacrifice. That was the moment when they started to open up and be honest with one another as a couple.

At the end of April 2017, Teresa went to Singapore for a work trip where Kelvin came along. Kelvin took her to her favourite comfort food at Din Tai Fung in Marina after a draining couple of days at work. It was a casual evening, until the couple went to the rooftop and proposed. “Just the two of us, nothing staged and over the top, it felt right, warm, and close to my heart”, described Teresa.

It was not easy for the couple to convince their parents to plan an intimate small wedding, knowing that both of them were firstborns. However, they managed to celebrate their wedding in a smaller scale, with blush, green, and white dominating the colour palette. White Orchid served as a bold ornament, since it has been a big part of Teresa’s personal life, having seen it a lot in her grandparent’s house in West Java and also her mother’s favourite flower to grow at home. The couple decided to consult with their dear friend, Yarra Living, to design their wedding invitation and Holy Matrimony book, all done with Orchid on it. That design became the baseline for other elements in their intimate wedding.

Teresa’s “dream look” was a natural look and to be comfortable in her own wedding dress. Mas Sapto made her a gown that is very well fitted, comfortable and easy to walk around, with heritage-inspired Ikat ornament, intricately embroidered on the upper dress and back train. “I immediately went with his signature Ikat embroidery and the intricacy of the embroidery work still amazed me every time I took a peek of the dress inside my wardrobe.” said Teresa. The beautiful bride opted for a clean and simple looking wedding dress with A-line and sheath skirt, with nothing too puffy, inspired by Anne Hathaway’s off-shoulder taffeta wedding dress in the Bride Wars movie. Teresa has been an avid fan of Mas Sapto’s creations since 2013, and finally met Mas Sapto in January 2019 to discuss her preferences for a wedding dress. “I felt like each wedding dress was created only for that person and no other bride will get the same wedding dress. That was my one and only designer appointment in search of my wedding dress, so yes, it was a smooth ride!”, remarked Teresa.

Above all of the preparation and celebration, Teresa described her wedding vow as an indescribable experience and an honest moment between the two.

“Love is our everyday life. The smallest most trivial daily thing that we do for each other, while thinking of the other person, that is love. Romantic days, boring days, sick days, happy days, sad days, weird days; spending it together and sticking with each other, that is love.”, said Teresa.