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Dian Sastrowardoyo's Modern Twist on Jeng Yah's Kebaya Janggan

SAPTOJO Editorial

In the wake of the widespread acclaim for 'Gadis Kretek,' costume designer Hagai Pakan and Dian Sastrowardoyo, the actress who portrayed the role of Dasiyah in the series, found themselves inspired by the compelling narrative of Jeng Yah's charismatic figure. Driven by this shared inspiration, they aspire to craft a response, channeling their gratitude and acknowledging the appreciation through this editorial.

Jeng Yah is more than just a character; she embodies resilience, wisdom, and an intrinsic connection to the heritage of the nation, symbolized by the traditional attire of Kebaya Janggan that she wore.

The distinct Kebaya Janggan from Yogyakarta derives its name from the Javanese term "Janggan," eloquently signifying an ensemble that gracefully covers the neck. In this editorial on Mother’s Day, SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO showcases Dian with one-off designs from the limited Kebaya Janggan collection, styled by Hagai.

By bringing Kebaya Janggan into the spotlight, Hagai initially sought to elevate the fashion allure of the costume showcased in Gadis Kretek. In this editorial, the focus is not just on showcasing the traditional garment but on infusing it with a modern twist. The ultimate aim is to spark inspiration among enthusiasts, encouraging them to explore innovative and modern pairings that transcend the conventional boundaries of this cultural attire.      


Despite their closely associated image, Hagai aims to showcase Dian, not Jeng Yah through this editorial. The style crafted by Hagai here is customized specifically for Dian, giving her a look that exudes cultural essence but with a modern twist.

The combinations vary, ranging from those that maintain a classic feel with kain yet without any antiquated undertones. Some ensembles feature a kebaya with a more cropped cut, paired with modern pants and accessories. Moreover, a creative fusion emerges as the kebaya is transformed into outerwear, seamlessly paired with a contemporary skirt, infusing the ensemble with a modern aesthetic.

In the spirit of Mother's Day, Hagai expresses his joy in subtly encouraging numerous women to embrace their style with the elegance of Kebaya Janggan. His aspiration extends beyond fleeting trends, aspiring for Kebaya Janggan to eternally embody a timeless fashion statement in the wardrobes of Indonesian women, curated effortlessly for various occasions. May it transcend the confines of a passing fad, becoming a cherished choice that resonates with the essence of femininity and cultural pride.


Fashion Stylist: Hagai Pakan
Photographer: Bramsky
Makeup Artist: Ryan Ogilvy
Hair Stylist: Iwan Taufik
Location : The Dharmawangsa