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SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO presents a special collection this Ramadan that complements the long-awaited celebration of the big day for Muslims around the world. Signifying the birth of new hope and the reality where the world finds a new normal, the nascence of this collection becomes a space to interpret and reflect on the meaning of transition and transformation for SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO. Packaged in the form of a Trunk Show presentation, SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO collaborated with Bank Mandiri Private and supported by Savyavasa Residence in organizing the event.

The Raya 2022 collection presented to welcome the month of Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr 1443 AH, and divided into three subsequent collections, namely "Ramadan One-Off Collection 2022", "Eid One-Off Collection 2022," and "Saptojo Insimul."

Ramadan One-Off Collection 2022 first launched on April 7, 2022, with a more relaxed feeling using selected materials such as cotton and linen presented in neutral yet dominant colors such as realgar, poudre, dove, turnip, clay, nata, tobacco, and bijou. In this collection, you can also discover the creation of new motifs aptly named Seligi and Pixelated Ikat, along with SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO signature patterns such as Arnit, Ikat, and Yayi.


On the other hand, the Eid One-Off Collection 2022 utilizes colors that have become synonymous with SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO. On this occasion, SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO also presented new motifs such as Primrose, Ukelan Ron, Ukelan Sekar, Banda Neira, Darpana, and Birai Rambat, inspired by the various flower arrangements the creative director found in the process of producing this collection. The new motifs presented add to the unique characteristics of SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO in developing ideas and creativity so that the public is able to experience fresh, innovative designs in each collection given.



As shown in previous years, the entire collection carries many subtle details that can be worn for daily activities or attending formal events. The I-line and A-line shapes with oversize cutting, which are the signature silhouettes of SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO, are also presented in this collection. Furthermore, several casual yet elegant ensembles will surely catch the eyes of our respective clients and inspire distinctively and comfortable dressing. Clothing options with a relaxed feel that is comfortable to wear for all types of activities with the family are found in the men's selection with a choice of colors that can be worn along when immortalized in pictures in enjoying beautiful moments of togetherness.



2022 also marks a special year in which SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO presents a collection for children aligned with the adult selections and can be worn concurrently with the family to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. This collection is called “SAPTOJO INSIMUL,” where the Latin word insimul means togetherness.



Sapto Djojokartiko denotes, “The initial idea behind the presence of this collection is the answer to many prayers and experiences through the pandemic for almost 2.5 years. I feel the evolution as a designer who is required to constantly adapt to technology, is often required to innovate but at the same time maintain what has become the identity of this brand. In the month of Ramadan, the tendency of wearing matching family attire for pictures will still be inclined as in previous years. Now with a new spirit to welcome the day of triumph, the team and I hope that this collection is able to usher families in Indonesia to continue to walk together to face the grace and challenges that are situated ahead.”


In Ramadan this year, SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO collaborated with Mandiri Private to hold the Eid One-Off Collection 2022 Trunk Show, which was packaged in the form of private viewing with an open house concept at Savyavasa Residence. On this occasion, Bank Mandiri exclusively invites Mandiri Private customers as part of a special privilege for customers.