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Exploring the Empowerment Perspective Through Happy Salma's Life Journey

International Women’s Day #SAPTOJOEditorial 

In this #SAPTOJOEditorial, we honor the remarkable women who inspire us with their accomplishments and resilience. SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO proudly highlights the incomparable Happy Salma for International Women's Day – an inspiration in the realms of entertainment, entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

For Happy Salma, empowerment isn't a singular act but a continuous journey of self-discovery and assertion. She firmly believes that women's voices hold immense power, whether expressed openly or kept within. This belief underscores her advocacy for women to embrace their aspirations and take decisive action towards realizing them. In both personal lives and broader societal contexts, she sees true empowerment as beginning with recognizing one's own worth and leveraging it to effect positive change.

Happy's response to the true calling of women reflects a deep understanding of their multifaceted nature and the significant responsibilities they carry. She acknowledges the complexities of women's roles, from the choice to bear children to the nurturing and caring duties that follow.

She emphasizes the profound and multifaceted role of women in giving life to and nurturing others, regardless of whether they become mothers. Drawing parallels between women and the Earth, she portrays them as life-givers who sustain and nurture all living beings. Despite the weight of their responsibilities, Happy highlights the remarkable strength and resilience exhibited by women in supporting various aspects of life and society, underscoring their essential role in the world.

Happy Salma's response to living an authentic life emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and honesty. She acknowledges the absence of a guidebook for life and underscores the necessity of self-reflection to understand our strengths and potentials.

She contends that life offers myriad opportunities for those willing to invest effort but stresses the importance of remaining true to oneself despite societal pressures.

In her perspective, she believes that true happiness originates from authenticity and sincerity. Drawing from the wisdom of Ramadhan KH's book "Kuantar Ke Gerbang," she quotes the words of Inggit Garnasih, "Apalah arti hidup bertabur bunga itu, karena bahagia hanya didalam jiwa" (What's the meaning of a life filled with scattered flowers if true happiness resides only within the soul?). This quote underscores the importance of prioritizing inner contentment over external adornments.

Furthermore, she finds inspiration in the simplicity and fortitude of women in Indonesian villages. These women effectively balance their roles as mothers, workers, and community members with grace and ease, serving as a testament to the power of resilience.

Continuing from this perspective, she emphasizes the significance of women's voices in shaping society and decision-making processes. When a woman can articulate her thoughts and navigate life's challenges with sincerity, she embodies true strength and independence.

Looking at Indonesia, particularly in Bali, where women maintain customs and traditions despite challenges like global warming, we see the essential role women play in preserving culture and sustaining communities.

Similarly, in regions like West Java and Aceh, women demonstrate resilience in their pursuit of livelihoods and overcoming unique obstacles. Even in Eastern Indonesia, where their contributions may be less known, women are leaving their mark and driving positive change.

In essence, a woman's greatness is not just about achieving grand feats, but about her ability to navigate life's complexities with authenticity and integrity, while making meaningful contributions to her community and society as a whole.

In reflecting on her journey, Happy Salma offers profound advice to her younger self: "Perhaps, slow down, step by step, every moment, whether it brings happiness or sadness, is truly enjoyable. Don't rush to escape from it all because that's the essence and color of our lives. Maybe, if possible, when I was younger, it felt like the world was ending when experiencing heartbreak or betrayal by friends. The point is, don't be afraid; in reality, we need those experiences to become resilient individuals capable of navigating life's waves. Embrace it gradually."

Her words encapsulate the essence of growth and strength, urging us to embrace life's journey with patience and courage. As we celebrate her accomplishments and contributions, let us also reflect on her timeless wisdom, knowing that it is through life's trials that we emerge stronger and more capable.


Photographer: Aryandra
Makeup Artist: Sissy Sosro
Hair Stylist: Desi Untadi
Accessories: Tulola
Location: Jumeirah Bali