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Love From A Distance

Wedding of Natalie and Hansel

A dream dress is all about how it makes you feel. This is exactly how Natalie Jacob described her Saptodjojokartiko custom floral - embroidered sleeveless gazar wedding gown. The beautiful bride was covered in a matching embroidered veil, accompanied by her mother in Saptodjojokartiko custom embellished strapless plissé gown. The idea was all intimate and timeless, just as how the couple go through their relationship, with blossoming intimacy even when they are countries apart.

The story begins when Natalie and Hansel first encountered through a mutual friend during their study in Singapore. Yet not every romance is so facile to commence. The married couple started their relationship as friends for a while, as they were both domiciled in a different country. Tons of memories and surprises they went through together as a long-distance couple for all 7 years long.

The sparks of romance never run out as the couple go along the flow. Natalie remembers exactly the moment on her 25th birthday, when Hansel surprises her all they way to London. It was a suspenseful scene in the rain when she found Hansel waited her to come home with her favourite cake in his warm hands. From all the countless surprises he brought to her, this one was really sweet of him.

With all the passions and memories, it came to the time when the couple decided to live together. “Eventually, it got to the point we just knew that we’re just going to spend the rest of our lives together and we didn’t want to be apart anymore. So here we are now.”, said the bride with her biggest warmth.

The couple holds a strong belief in intimacy and memorability, which became the foundation of every little things embedded to wedding. This explains the white - themed celebration that looks effortlessly timeless, adorned in ornaments that symbolise bold commitment.

Natalie wanted her wedding dress to look timeless, minimalist, and elegant, which then turned into a floral - embroidered gazar gown covered in a matching veil. It was years ago when Natalie set her eyes on Saptodjojokartiko for the first time, and been entertained with how the graceful brides flaunt their dresses. “The dream look I always imagine is wearing mas Sapto’s artwork when I walk down the aisle. And he just made it came true!”, as she recalled the moment. Not to mention the cape, embroidered back, and the long veil that extends through the aisle.

When it came to this magical day, it always goes back to the fundamentals of intimacy. The invaluable feeling of being surrounded by our loved ones. “Love is when you want the other person to be happy and full”, as Natalie defined what love means to her.

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