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Raline Shah For Cannes Festival 2024

Cannes Festival 2024

SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO captured the international spotlight with its exquisite one-off designs, gracing the red carpet at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival closing ceremony on Indonesian actress and #SAPTOJOWomen Raline Shah. Raline's highly anticipated appearance, met with widespread acclaim, featured a custom Yayi Darpana Kebaya and Rimpang Puan Kitten Heels.

The story behind the kebaya began with a discussion between our creative director, Sapto Djojokartiko, and Raline. She entrusted the design and her overall look entirely to him, requesting that among her Cannes looks, there be one representing traditional Indonesian attire. Our creative director aimed to accommodate this heritage-inspired look while also creating a design that would seamlessly pair with the jewelry Raline planned to wear.

The specially-made kebaya was meticulously crafted from a distinctive material that characterized SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO, creating lace-like fabrics that lend the garment a light and delicate feel. It showcases embroidery and features the #SAPTOJOPattern Yayi Darpana, seamlessly merging the Yayi motif, inspired by Javanese wood carvings, with the Darpana motif, symbolizing rice and cotton, thereby encapsulating tradition. The intricate process of creating this kebaya involved approximately 1,200 hours of dedicated craftsmanship.

Beyond the heritage elements of the kebaya itself, the styling for Raline's closing ceremony look incorporated Ulos fabric, chosen specifically because Raline hails from Medan, where Ulos holds cultural significance. This thoughtful inclusion enhanced the traditional richness while blending seamlessly with SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO’s signature Oyster tones. Completing the look were the Rimpang Puan Kitten Heels, adding a refined touch to her red carpet appearance.

By bringing Indonesian fashion to one of the world's most prestigious film festivals, Sapto Djojokartiko and Raline Shah showcased their individual talents while promoting the beauty and sophistication of Indonesian culture internationally.