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Reviving Kartini's Spirit through Andien's Perspective

Kartini’s Day #SAPTOJOEditorial 

In this special edition of #SAPTOJOEditorial, we celebrate the lasting legacy of Kartini through the inspiring presence of Andien Aisyah, a renowned Indonesian singer-songwriter. With her soulful voice and heartfelt music, Andien embodies Kartini's spirit of courage and empowerment, inspiring countless individuals across Indonesia.

When asked about what "Kartini" meant to her, Andien eloquently expressed her interpretation. To her, Kartini embodies courage and the core of human existence, transcending the barriers that confine individuals. In today's context, it signifies the bravery to embrace one's authentic self in a world relentlessly striving to shape us into something different. Andien emphasizes that Kartini's spirit of seeking freedom should be continuously honored, serving as a timeless source of inspiration for all.

In her approach to celebrating Kartini Day annually, Andien articulates a meaningful tribute, stating, "For me, celebrating Kartini Day involves expressing gratitude to the women in my surroundings. I honor the women of the past whose various struggles have significantly empowered today's women. My celebration includes delving into Kartini's life while reflecting on my own. I immerse myself in her letters, grasp her thoughts, and revive her spirit within. It's also essential to self-reflect and ask, have we truly understood and embraced ourselves?"

Upholding Kartini's legacy and empowering women today, Andien plays an active role. She courageously expresses her beliefs, challenging stereotypes about women. Andien also advocates for creating safe spaces where women can freely express their thoughts and ideas. Additionally, she strives for equality in her daily life, managing various responsibilities.

Hosting women's circles stands out as a profound experience for Andien, where she keenly felt the genuine support of fellow women. These moments serve as powerful reminders of the collective strength found in women supporting one another. Such experiences empower her, underscoring the significance of women's solidarity in fostering individual growth and societal progress. Through these encounters, Andien realizes the transformative potential of women uplifting each other, not only within their families and communities but also on a global scale.

Presenting a compelling perspective on how modern women can uplift each other, Andien emphasizes the advocacy for a simple yet powerful act: listening without judgment. In her view, such practice not only validates but also empowers women, enabling them to make confident decisions and navigate life's complexities. This insight highlights the transformative potential of mutual support among women in today's society.

Andien's heartfelt message resonates deeply as a beacon of inspiration for Indonesian women. With a call to persist in their pursuit of dreams despite uncertainties, she underscores the significance of authenticity and continuous self-improvement. She emphasizes, "So, don't hesitate to keep practicing being yourself every day. Do more of what makes you, you!" And as a reminder of the significance of every step, she concludes, "And always remember that the small steps we take each day will lead to something meaningful. Never doubt the power of a process; it's like preparing our hearts and selves for when those dreams slowly but surely come true."

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Photography by Hakim Satriyo

Makeup by Sissy Sosro 

Hair by Desi Untadi

Location at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta