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SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO starts the new year by expanding another standalone store with a second location in Jakarta, Indonesia earlier this January. To commemorate the sophomore location at Plaza Indonesia Level 1 #088D, the Indonesian designer well-known for narrative-driven, intricately detailed embroideries and hand embellishments launched a One-Off Holiday 2022 collection, available exclusively only at the Plaza Indonesia store, to coincide with the Lunar New Year celebration.

Every SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO store has its own distinctively remarkable uniqueness to reflect the values of our brand. The Indonesian heritage-influenced elements are applied to the modern ambience of the Plaza Indonesia store reflecting the Creative Director’s traditional upbringing and his love for cultural influences and references in general.  The fusion between textured marbles, wooden detailing, and glass materials are complemented with an artistic touch from the focal points of hand-made statues created by Yogjakarta-based artist, Anton Subiyanto.

As another step in evolving the brand to achieve brand sustainability, opening a brick-and-mortar store is a way for us to create a complete SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO Experience for our clients by triggering their senses. We want our clients to feel and touch the bespoke fabrics, embroideries, and embellishments created by our incredible in-house artisans to indulge their tactile senses. Immerse in the vivid colors and subdued palette for your vision’s delight whilst swaying into the gentle tone of melodious aural resonance. And to complete the experience, a signature scent will take you on a sophisticated olfactory journey.

Not just streamlining the process of getting their hands on our latest collection directly from the runway, the store’s existence is also purposely to gain direct feedback from our respected clients. Every collection unveiled in Plaza Indonesia store is an exclusive collection that is not available in other stores with every collection produced having its own innate narrative to differentiate from one another.  

Photography by Reuben Tourino.