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#SAPTOJOWear Capsule Collection

#SAPTOJOWear September Editorial

Launched on January 10th, 2023 in further escalating the prosperity of embracing the new year, SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO presents the #SAPTOJOWear Capsule Collection. The collection combines craftsmanship refinement with comfortable eminence for #SAPTOJOFriends' any occasion with an easy-versatile, wearable look.

Unveiling the vast product variety with a seasonless wearable line, the limited collection is thoughtfully crafted and curated by Creative Director Mr. Sapto Djojokartiko. The expanded collection embodies the brand's resolutely intricate characteristic with a mélange of contemporary easy-to-wear items alongside the delicate monogram and embossed Penara pattern.

For the dearest #SAPTOJOFriends that adore our hand-worked artistry and crafts, SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO brings forth t-shirts and sweaters with hand-beaded embellishment and hand-stitch monogram incorporating the forefront of our Creative Director's heritage-inspired and traditional compounds with a modern perspective. Ranging from basic staples to casual attire, the capsule collection comprises wearable items such as relaxed silhouette embossed t-shirt, hand embellished t-shirt, embossed sweater, embellished emboss sweaters and the new addition of hand stitch t-shirt.

Precisely capturing the comfortably subdued material of cotton-blend, the #SAPTOJOWear lineup is effortlessly amalgamated with the timeless monochromatic color palette in Nero (Black) and Pampas (Grey). 

The collection is intended for our #SAPTOJOFriends that will pair these wearable pieces with their daily wear or mix-and-match the styling with the SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO Ready-to-Wear collection available in stores.

The limited capsule collection represents the brand's classic pieces with a charming selection that flaunts the brand's distinct high-quality components, and youthful designs appeal with a casual silhouette. #SAPTOJOWear will gradually add more items to the collection to establish the offers for a preeminent-essential style proposal.

#SAPTOJOWear Capsule Collection featured in this editorial are available at the SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO Plaza Senayan Store Level 1 and online at