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Strange Land That Feels Like Home

Wedding of Charina and Riesky

12 years ago in Singapore marks the time when Charina and Riesky first met. “It was definitely not love at first sight”, remarks Charina. The two initially befriend each other as shopping buddies, then their friendship blossomed into romance where they travel around from Paris to Venice wholeheartedly.

Back in Paris trip 2016, the couple just finished their dinner and decided to went on a casual stroll to the Eiffel Tower to see its glimmering lights from afar. Charina and Riesky were sitting on the grass to sip a glass of champagne, while the music accompany the big dim park. There was just the two of them when Riesky kneeled down to give a Tiffany & Co engagement ring to Charina’s surprise. A very intimate moment to toast to a lifetime together with nobody to witness.

The couple had a very private 30-pax wedding in Venice, at the garden by the canal. Simple, rustic and intimate. A scene that perfectly describes both of them. Everything is beautiful as it is, blended with the resplendent surroundings. In the midst of Italian scene, a group of friends dedicated a song that warms up the whole reception. Dewa-19 was played and everyone just got up to sang along. It was a very affectionate moment that makes everyone to feel at home in a strange land surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

Charina was dressed in a full-embellished inner lining covered by sheer embroidery in modern bridal look. A very detailed layering technique which allows countless embellishments to peak through the fine outer fabric, giving a subtle elegance with sumptuous details. Charina always wanted Mas Sapto to do her wedding dress and so for her inspirations and references, as the bride have been an avid fan of Sapto Djojokartiko ready-to-wear line. “I’ve always loved that he always paint a romantic story in every collection while maintaining a strong Indonesian heritage without being overly traditional. Soon I got to know that he designs wedding dresses and just like that, it was really without much consideration at all that I knew I would be wearing Saptodjojokartiko Bride for my big day.”, said Charina. The making process itself was a precious moment to cherish. Charina went on Mas Sapto’s previous designs as references to her dream look. Every details and accessories of the look was searched around the dress created, and deliberately designed to suit summertime in Italy.

Charina expressed her definition of love as “forgiving”, a very simple act to sustain a strong bond between the beautiful couple, yet not easy to perform.