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Wedding of Tara and Fari

Every story has its happy endings for a new incredible chapter to bloom. Especially for Tara and Fari, their journey to a happy ending starts after a memorable New Zealand trip. The magical question was asked a month after that trip, in Fari’s car in front of Tara’s house, and that’s the day they finally decided to be together, forever.

The wonderful story begins in a place where they first met for a diving trip on a remote island, Togean in Central Sulawesi, that was arranged by their mutual friend. They all managed to enjoy the moments without distraction because there was no phone reception or services available. The trip was her first diving experience and she reminiscences those sweet moments with extraordinary underwater scenery. She said that being able to experience it with Fari made it a thousand times better. 

Throughout their relationship journey, a trip to the South Islands of New Zealand at the end of 2019 was one of the sweetest and most memorable moments for both with its amazing scenery and beautiful landscapes. Sadly, the trip to New Zealand was their last overseas trip due to the impending pandemic. Travelling together is a treasured bonding time where couples could get to know each other better and this suits the timeless definition of love by the bride. The meaning of love for Tara is being able to accept each other for who we are, regardless of each other’s flaws. 

Although the wedding was planned during the pandemic, both Tara and Fari successfully brought their minimalist concept to life effortlessly. They envisioned their simple wedding to resonate with the sacredness and to celebrate both of their beliefs. The concept of simplicity for their weddings is completed by the warmth of their closest family and friends. 

Tara remarked that there was no particular inspiration for the look on her big day. During the first meeting to discuss the dress concept, Tara was already a fan of our creative director and his creation. Back in 2018, Tara's sister wore a dress from Saptodjojokartiko Bride on her wedding day and it was exquisite, that's the moment when Tara knows she will be wearing a dress from Saptodjojokartiko Bride on her big day as well.

She had no idea how the dress would turn out upon the initial meeting, but she knows that it was in the right hand and turned out to be the perfect look she always wanted for her special day. The gorgeous bride said that our Creative Director captured her dream look perfectly. She wanted a simple fitted look with no floral details, and she revealed that her dresses for Akad and Holy Matrimony were the talk of the evening with its exquisite Candi embroideries and mesmerizing, out-of-this-world heritage-inspired motives that were cascading on her three-piece dress.

Looking back at the wedding day, one of the special moments Tara wishes to relive again was the part at the end of the Holy Matrimony where the newlywed was showered with flower petals by their closest friends and families. They will cherish the moment forever in their hearts and minds.