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February Editorial with Pevita Pearce

SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO presents the bewitching Indonesian actress narrative for this inextricably month full of love and celebrations, with her alluring and lively charms through the February #SAPTOJOEditorial featuring the latest Spring-Summer 2023 Collection—activewear with an array of gender-bending silhouettes.

In her own words, Pevita Pearce defined her distinct personalities through this editorial. “I’m loving and alive,” she says. She is gracefully alive and aspires to radiate a loving persona to her surroundings in life.

Pevita believes her fashion sense evolved continuously throughout her journey growing up as an actress for the past 17 years until today. She acknowledges that many of her styles significantly changed during that period as she was frequently exposed to photoshoots and many prominent individuals, such as fashion stylists and designers, since she was young. She recounted her fashion manner in her younger years as daring and more likely open to exploring every bit of style.

She unravels her perspective towards practicality these days as a public figure and active woman in fulfilling various daily activities. Yet, Pevita had retained a keen interest in subtlety-ease and relaxed fits to achieve her ready-to-go looks. Therefore, she described her current fashion style as minimalist with a timeless appeal, a comfortable style that favors the fit that skimmed her silhouette, and a touch of edginess.

Furthermore, Pevita loves combining a fusion of femininity and sporty for her signature looks. The staple product that became her essential as an active person would be a comfortable pair of shoes. She would wear her dresses with sneakers to attain her perfect appearance that mixture the right amount of feminine, athletic, or boyish touch.

As an influential woman, she reveals her gratitude to be surrounded by tremendously inspiring women within her family and from the industry she lives in. She also admires big names like Oprah, Lady Diana, and Anne Hathway, which inspired her. These women uplift and influence Pevita in building her value and characteristic growing up as an actress.

Being the main lead in her recent role as Alana in ‘Sri Asih,’ the first Indonesian female superhero movie released in 2022, was a life-changing experience for her. With her idealism and determination, this inspirational character changed how Pevita sees the world. Through this project, she also commended her admiration for the film director, Upi Avianto. The way Upi led and orchestrated the whole team by directing and screenwriting for the film production was mesmerizing from her point of view, “that was really, really cool,” she added.

Adorning Pevita’s odyssey in the entertainment industry, one of her most precious and memorable journeys is from her latest upcoming film series ‘Katarsis,’ which will launch on February 16th on Vidio. Starring as Tara, she unfolds this thriller-drama series is a fun-loving story about a psychopath that falls in love with a sociopath that is incredibly chaotic.

The latest Spring-Summer 2023 Collection featured in this #SAPTOJOEditorial will be available promptly this month at SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO Plaza Senayan.


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Photography by Hakim Satriyo

Makeup and Hairdo by Sissy Sosro and Team