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Dian Sastrowardoyo, Reina Wardhana, and Tana Suwardhono Friendship

In this celebration of friendship day, SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO present the undoubtedly beautiful friendship of Dian Sastrowardoyo, Reina Wardhana and Tana Suwardhono through a warm talk and cup of tea that takes place inside the homey place of Dian's house. 

Dian Sastrowardoyo, Reina Wardhana, and Tana Suwardhono started their friendship in 1997 when they were teenagers. They enrolled in the same high school in Jakarta where Dian and Reina were a chair mate since the first grade and Tana was their senior at that time. Basically, through high school and beyond, they became the best of friends, and the bond continues.

Every friendship has its own turning point that they encounter during the times they have spent together. One of the most unforgettable moments in their friendship was when they found out that they’re entwined to one another through a quite unexpected mutual connection where Rara (Tana’s sister) was Dian and Reina’s best friend however, she later got married and moved to Australia. Dian and Reina’s friendship continues with Tana, their friendship deepens as Dian got married with the cousin of Tana’s spouse and they practically became cousins by marriage.

They also remember when they shared similar interests in sports and that’s when they all started hanging out as a group even more. Their friendship bond became stronger as time went by, solidified through their ups and downs, and thick and thin in life that they faced together. They also started their food and beverage business venture in healthy catering in 2014, another similar interest that they shared.

One other thing that this family-like friendship circle loves is the creation of our Creative Director, Sapto Djojokartiko whom they’ve known since almost two decades ago. On Tana’s big day, she was dressed in a custom kebaya by our Creative Director. The inclination nature of wearing SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO designs continues throughout multiple occasions during their friendship and extended to their family as well. Dian, Tana, and Reina’s family members trusted SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO for custom kebayas and men’s evening shirts for wedding ceremonies, as well as dresses and specifically made ensembles to attend movie premieres and many other special events.

Moreover, their continued support for wearing SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO is simply because of their mutual appreciation of the signature embroideries from the very beginning. They are all in agreement that the strong feminine character of the embroideries integrated with the effortless silhouette and lightweight fabrics makes every piece unique and synonymous with the brand for its well-known finesse.

A friendship that stays throughout different phases of life is firm evidence of each other’s evolution, especially their style as active women. Their style inspirations came from a wide range of influences. For Dian Sastrowardoyo, she used to love the signature style of Nicole Richie with her huge sunglasses, shorts, and oversized tops, as well as Maria Sharapova and Sofia Coppola's daywear. Nowadays, she would incorporate sneakers into her workwear and daily wear because she regularly exercised. Reina Wardhana's influences are varying from The Kardashians to K-pop and attributed her dynamic style to her mood and arbitrary sense because she is down to try every style possible.


On the other hand, Tana Suwardhono is really into anything flowery, but she stated that befriending Dian and Reina has inspired and evolved her style preference with their vast influences, honesty, and openness. Once a high-heels, boots, and flats lover, she remembers when they were in Melbourne, her two best friends would encourage her into trying sneakers and it was a remarkable memory of her style journey. Dian and Reina agreed that convincing Tana to start wearing sneakers was an astonishing occurrence as it was a complete 180-degree turn from her usual fashion. Overall, they are seeing eye-to-eye that they have been inspired by each other's sense of fashion through this friendship.

Lastly, when they were asked about what this friendship means for them, they unanimously agreed that this friendship is the source of the soundness of mind, especially on a day-to-day basis. They have been through a lot together, from all the emotional and sentimental moments they shared together to the frequent values-checking that they regularly did when one’s feeling doubtful about something. They have been through the worst and experienced the best together. Above all, they understand how hard it has been for everyone since the unforeseen pandemic hit. They grow as better individuals with a more mature point of view in this fast-paced life and are reminded that every step they take it’s not only for them alone but for their kids and respective family as well.

Ultimately, is all about balancing each other’s life, reminding each other’s values, and always being there through their toughest time so that your friends know that they don't need to get through it alone, these are the definitive traits of friendship that they shared and valued collectively.


Photographed by Hakim Satriyo