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The Enchanting Love Allure for a Lifelong Journey


Wedding of Adinda Sukardi and Matteo Sutto


Love unfolded unexpectedly for Adinda Sukardi and Matteo Sutto. Their journey, marked by laughter, commitment, and the magic of love, culminated in a wedding day filled with emotions, tradition, and personal touches.

Their love story began in February 2021, during a triple date arranged by friends. Adinda fondly remembers the casual evening where Matteo's smile shone brightly. She recalls the night as pleasant but not as wonderful as the moments that followed.

“He messaged me the next morning and has never skipped a day since,” she added.

As their connection grew, Adinda's view of precious moments changed. Instead of grand gestures, their love thrived on vulnerability, shared growth, and finding common ground. Matteo’s endearing term, 'lof,' became a playful refrain in their story.

Their decision to spend their lives together was a continuous journey of growth. Adinda and Matteo found shared values despite their imperfections, building a strong foundation in each other's hearts.

Adinda's wedding concept was inspired by her Sundanese roots, their Bali home, and her mother. The floral path, reminiscent of family traditions, became the perfect stage for their akad nikah, bringing Adinda's dreams to life.

Choosing SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO Bride was more than fashion—it was a family tradition. Both her sisters had walked down the aisle in creations by Creative Director Sapto Djojokartiko, making it a heartfelt choice for Adinda and Matteo.

Trusting Sapto Djojokartiko’s vision, Adinda’s wedding dresses embodied her heritage and style. The akad nikah Kebaya, a blend of Sundanese and Javanese influences, featured intricate embroidery inspired by nature. The reception dress, a two-piece masterpiece, honored Indonesian roots with Sapto Djojokartiko's signature fabric and pattern.

Reflecting on their wedding day, the couple cherishes the floral-filled ceremony, the exchange of vows, and their first dance. However, the most cherished memory is of their parents slow dancing, a celebration of enduring love.

For Adinda, love is not defined by ease but by unwavering commitment. It's a constant effort, a blend of elements shaping shared experiences, and overcoming challenges. Love's depth is revealed not in the absence of challenges but in the resilience to face them—proving that the greatest love is the enduring triumph over life's complexities.