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The Motherhood of Noorani Sukardi

When Noorani first asked about the thought of her mother, Mrs. Rethy Sukardi, for SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO Editorial, the thing she remembered the most is a woman with a heart so big it contains the universe. She said, her mother taught her that a woman who turns into a mother no longer owns her own heart. She added that it resides in her children for as long as she lives.

Every precious moment throughout the journey of every motherhood is convinced to be something that is memorable to be remembered. The sweetest and most memorable moment of Noorani's journey so far was the very distinct memory of herself with her newborn baby in her bedroom in Hong Kong in which she still vividly remembers the smell of every drop of her baby’s scent until today.

The mother and her child's bond is created and strengthened by quality moments of doing things together. In this case,Noorani and her daughter really enjoyed their morning cuddles, reading, cooking and doing arts or crafts together. She said that art or kitchen activities are usually the moments when her child opens up to her the most. Intimate bonding moments like taking long walks while singing, and bubble bath time when her daughter is having a bad day, then sitting to talk about their day are the moments that she cherishes as well.

Every mother in the world has their own parenting mantra but the one special for her is allowing her three-year-old daughter Saja, to fall in love with learning through play and develop a deep sense of empathy, as well as respecting others and nature. She finds it important to give her child a wholesome education, as she reveals that she’s not an academically driven parent, so she wants Saja to grow up well rounded both emotionally and spiritually. She highly valued the idea of her child having a strong relationship with God from an early age and having many friends from all walks of life as well as the ability to socially engage with anyone, as it’s a very important skill to have in life.


Noorani believes that early childhood years are really important in a person’s developmental growth. She affirms that young children who are given unconditional love, who are nurtured with learning through games and play, encouraged to care for nature as well as their surroundings, and who are given the freedom to be themselves creatively while taught to be a spiritual person will grow up into a sensitive and an empathetic person. She added that not only the children will grow as a person who is easily adaptable, she also believes that they will thrive no matter what subject or academic field they pursue in the future. 

The definition of love for Noorani and Saja is that a mother’s love is endless and has no boundary, but so is a child’s love for his/her parents. No matter the circumstances, a child will always look up to their parents and look for their approval as well as their affection. She believes a child’s love for their parents is so forgiving and so pure, and that is why a parent must treat their children emotions responsibly by respecting and valuing them.

Noorani concluded that the proudest achievement of her motherhood journey is that motherhood taught her to be a better person and be closer to God. The sentimental journey also has taught her to be more humble, empathetic, and profoundly grateful for her life to the point she discovered the big love that she has within herself. She is also proud of her 2 years of experience in nursing Saja. And eventually, she discovered a love that is bigger than life itself and loves with a clear sense of purpose.