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The Graceful Fondness in Self-Empowerment

International Women’s Day Special with Putri Tanjung

“Every day is a woman’s day for me,” she said. When Putri Tanjung first asked about the definition of women’s day for SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO Editorial in Women’s Day Special, is the joyous fondness that empowered her as a woman. In her word, this celebration is likewise a reminder for women to reinforce opportunities reciprocally, strives for equality, and have the right to choose.

Putri’s grandmother and mother are women that inspirational in her life. Her grandmother foregrounds the importance of education, being independent, and contributing as a woman in opening new doors and chances with existing resources that she has. Her mother instilled an entrepreneurial mindset and taught her to prioritize herself to be able to do more for others.

Being inspired is one crucial trait for entrepreneurs to acquire in building and developing businesses and their creations. Putri gains her inspiration most of the time through the problems and disquiet she experiences, which she turns into opportunities and new business ideas. Furthermore, other than her loved ones and team, who always supported and energized her, she accentuated the importance of continuous learning and her interest in meeting new people, which became her source of inspiration in obtaining different perspectives from hearing their stories.

As a young entrepreneur with tremendous resources, Putri Tanjung intends to continue persevering and use her advantage to empower other women. She is graceful in her accountability in inspiring others with her impactful substantial creation.

Every precious moment throughout every individual growth journey is convinced to be remembered for a lifetime. However, the most memorable moment for Putri is the time when she created the Creative Entrepreneur Event Creator in 2014 with an entertaining talk show experience that was visionary in spreading entrepreneurship for younger generations, which gained meaningful feedback from the attendees and how it changed their life for the better, it encourages her to remain thriving.

Another life-changing moment for her was when she joined as a creativepreneur in CT Corps, her father’s company. The opportunity to grow and lead dozens to hundreds of people shaped her further into a wise and reliable woman for her work and responsibilities.

For all her gratitude and accomplishments, the blessings of having a life support system can make a huge difference. Putri Tanjung’s most prominent supporter is her exceptional husband, with his encouragement to accomplish her goals. Moreover, she is fortunate to have supportive parents and a team that believes in her work.

She has been enjoying fashion as a creative expression to boost her confidence and feel empowered through her style choice. For Putri, outerwear is an essential part of her wardrobe, and she has a particular fondness for blazers, which she believes are both stylish and empowering.

Putri Tanjung’s style journey exemplifies how fashion can be an evolving expression of individuality. She started out wearing only black clothes but has experimented with new styles and colors over the years. Her fashion choices also reflect her growth, evolution, and willingness to take risks and try new things.

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Photography by Hakim Satriyo

Makeup by Sissy Sosro and Team