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The Joyous Traditions of Eid with Indra Djokosoetono and Nikita Willy-Indra's Family

Eid Specials with Indra Djokosoetono and Nikita Willy-Indra

In this celebration of Eid, SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO presents the undoubtedly beautiful family of Indra Djokosoetono and Nikita Willy-Indra through #SAPTOJOEditorial Eid Specials that take place inside the lovely home of Indra and Nikita's residence.

Indra and Nikita unravel the tradition they love the most in celebrating Eid growing up. Indra remembers his fondness for gathering with family and enjoying the traditional feast, while Nikita recalls the excitement of receiving Eid monetary gifts/uang Lebaran as a child. Nikita unfolds now that she is married and has her child, Issa Xander Djokosoetono; now, she's the one that hands out the uang Lebaran for her younger family members. The tradition held a special place in her heart and became a touching moment to see her young nephew and nieces, who eagerly queue up to receive them.

The most cherished and indelible memories of the Eid celebration are their time with their family. Nikita shares that their family's established custom entails a ceremony where each member, including the elder sisters, receives blessings/sungkeman from their parents and passes them on to their younger siblings. This long-standing practice has cultivated a sense of solidarity and intimacy within the family, which becomes even more significant during Eid festivities. Meanwhile, Indra fondly recalls the preceding year's Eid in 2022 as the most remarkable occasion since it marked their child's initial involvement in this celebration.


Since their child's birth and their own family's commencement, Nikita and Indra have incorporated a new facet into their Eid celebrations. Nikita delineates that the defining characteristic that sets their celebrations apart from previous years is the inception of their day with prayers at her spouse's family, followed by sojourns to her mother's domicile and subsequently to Indra's maternal homestead.

Their Eid revelries have expanded to include several family visits, presenting an opportunity to interact with a broader network of relatives and generating a profound sense of communal harmony. This occasion is emblematic of conviviality, cohesiveness, and a time of sharing with cherished ones, with their family customs evolving to yield personal and prized moments for the years to come.

Food is a unifying element for the Eid celebration. The preferred Eid dishes for Indra are the essentials of 'Sekubal' (traditional rice cake from Lampung typically made from rice or sticky rice) and 'Opor' (spicy coconut milk-based curry); both are often served during special occasions such as Eid. On the other hand, Nikita revealed that duck goulash or 'Gulai Bebek,' a duck curry from her hometown, Padang, is a must-have and a unique dish only prepared during Eid. 

When asked about their style preferences in the celebration as a family, Nikita revealed that she and her spouse prefer to match their outfits, focusing on natural color-palette and understated elegance. This delicate aesthetic reflects Nikita and Indra's refined taste in fashion and her penchant for simple yet chic ensembles.

Furthermore, Nikita highlighted the importance of creating family memories through matching outfits, as the family attire coordinates with her firstborn, Issa. The tradition continues to symbolize the bonds that tie loved ones together during this joyous occasion.

To conclude the delightful conversation, they were asked about the meaning of the Eid celebration for their family. According to Indra, Eid is a time to celebrate success after fasting and training ourselves to control our desires for 30 days. This year's celebration marks a return to their everyday lives with the hope of improving their future beyond the holy month of Ramadan.

Nikita shares a similar perspective on the matter. She explains that Eid serves as a celebration of endurance after we've shielded ourselves and abstained from sinful deeds to develop a better quality of mindfulness and righteousness. But, above all, the occasion holds a deeper meaning for their family and us all, as it is a perfect time to reflect on one's spiritual journey and growth.


Photographed by Hakim Satriyo

Makeup and Hairdo by Sissy Sosro and Team