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The Multifaceted Persona of Gista Putri

May Editorial with Gista Putri 

In her self-portrayal, Gista Putri conveys a humble perspective and gratitude for her distinct traits through the May #SAPTOJOEditorial. While acknowledging her innate shyness, she perceives it not as a limitation but as an opportunity for personal growth. She places a high value on her ability to adapt and maintain composure in diverse situations, and her demeanor exudes a serenity that inspires confidence.

Gista's pantheon of role models is a testament to her eclectic interests and multifaceted persona. Foremost among them is the incomparable Natalie Portman, whose incisive wit and multifarious talents continue to captivate Gista's imagination. Alongside Portman, fashion mavens Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have exerted a profound influence on Gista's minimalist aesthetic; Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner embody the fashion choices that enthrall her.

In everyday life, Gista looks up to her husband, Wishnutama, a detail-oriented and dedicated individual whose conscientiousness inspires her to strive for excellence in all aspects of her life. 

Her dedication to preserving Indonesia's cultural heritage is rooted in her belief that it is a crucial aspect of the nation's identity. Having serendipitously joined a non-profit organization dedicated to this cause three years ago, Gista has gained a deep understanding of the importance of Indonesian culture and its multifaceted impact on society, from economic to social aspects.

However, she acknowledges that preserving and promoting Indonesian culture is not solitary and requires a collective effort from individuals across the nation. Gista is passionate about leading by example, starting from within herself, and inspiring others to take up the cause of preserving Indonesian culture in their unique ways. She hopes that her efforts will encourage those closest to her to contribute to this national mission and that the collective efforts of Indonesians will ensure the preservation of their rich cultural heritage for generations to come.

Gista sees Indonesian culture and fashion as inextricably linked. From clothing to traditional textiles, known as "Wastra," she incorporates these items into her daily outfits as they have become an integral part of her wardrobe. Her genuine passion for these items has led her to develop a habit of wearing items associated with Indonesian culture, particularly traditional textiles. This has enabled her to express her appreciation for her country's rich cultural heritage while incorporating it into her personal style.

Gista Putri's signature look reflects her enduring love for casual wear, which has remained a staple in her style for years. She effortlessly incorporates these pieces into her everyday wardrobe, from crop tops to oversized checkered shirts, blazers, and flared pants. Gista's minimalistic approach to fashion allows her to create effortless yet sophisticated looks that exude confidence and poise. Her consistent style choices have become a signature that reflects her personality and individuality.

Her style has undergone a significant evolution since she became a mother. Gista has chosen to push the boundaries and experiment with her style. She has moved beyond her previous preference for basic T-shirts, long pants, and sneakers and is now exploring herself in terms of fashion, color, and makeup. By stepping out of her comfort zone, Gista has effortlessly created looks that reflect her current personality and chicness. Her willingness to experiment has allowed her to elevate her fashion game while maintaining her signature effortless style.

Fashion is a thrilling and gratifying aspect of Gista Putri's identity that holds immense sway over her values. Yet, she recognizes its inevitable influence on how people perceive her. By infusing her heart and soul into fashion, Gista embraces her individuality and eschews conformity to trends or others' expectations. In her view, fashion should be effortless and enjoyable rather than a burden that others find easy to follow.

Gista and her loved one relish indulging in films or series, particularly those long in duration. Despite being aware of the arduous nature of carving out sufficient time to watch an entire series, which typically requires a commitment of at least one or two days, she cherishes any free time that she can devote to viewing a film or series that appeals to her and her family's preference.

When asked about her proudest moment as a mother and wife, Gista Putri reflected on the times when she saw all her five children together. As a mother, it brings her immense pride to witness the love and protection they share towards one another without any effort on her part to unite them. She considers this a significant achievement for herself and her husband, as they have successfully established good communication and relationship with their children. For Gista, these moments are amazing and a testament to the strong bond they have built as a family.

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Photography by Hakim Satriyo

Makeup by Sissy Sosro

Hair by Dessy Untadi