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Wedding of Nessie and Rian

"We met for a reason" that's what everyone believes for every soul that crosses paths with another. Whether the meeting was a blessing or a lesson, there's always an interesting story behind every first meeting.

For Nessie herself, the first encounter with her now-husband, Rian, was quite a journey because their initial meeting was supposedly at her cousin's wedding in January 2015. He wanted an introduction to her, but unfortunately, for a reason it didn’t happen. The journey continues in God's blessing with the occasion of another Nessie's cousin's wedding almost two years later, where he finally got the chance to be introduced to each other. Nessie's cousins were witnesses to Rian's consistency throughout the years because she didn't know what happened at that time.

One of Nessie's most precious moments is when she and her husband decide to be together forever. Rian knew Nessie wanted to go to Marrakech, and it turned out to be the most unforgettable, sweetest, and memorable trip for them. On November 11th, 2018, Rian proposed to Nessie and asked her if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Their wedding day inspirations are based on both of their preferences. Nessie wanted a simple, sweet, and romantic concept for the wedding, while Rian liked classic things and drapes. She always likes muted colors, things that are not overpowering to each other, and has a penchant for flowers. Their wedding dream concept came true with the help of their wedding stylist, with drapes as the central concept for the big day. Layers of drapes covered the walls to convey the cozy and romantic atmosphere at the wedding.

Nessie wanted something that looked simple with many details and was comfortable to wear as her dream wedding look. The inspiration for the gown came from flowers when our Creative Director asked her, with layers of ranunculus petals as the precise answer. She wanted something that felt like a work of art, a well-made soft and structured dress. Nessie didn't know how it would turn out at the time, but the bride knew it would be a beautiful creation, and it was. She loved all the details on the dress, mainly the patchwork. She was also mesmerized by each lace line; it was about 40 meters long and wrapped her beautifully. It's truly a work of art.

Nessie fell in love with SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO for the first time with our signature apron style years back. She remembered it as something captivating where ethnicity meets modernity, and she admired our Creative Director's designs ever since. Coming from her admiration, she decided to choose SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO Bride to make her dream wedding gown. 

Every journey of a wedding has a particular part that makes us want to feel it again if we can turn back the time. For Nessie and Rian, that moment was when they presented their vows because it was the moment to relive their five years-worth of relationship in a short time. She remembers it all; the beautiful moments, differences, and trials they had, to the day they decided to get married and be a loving, wedded husband and wife.

Above it all, for Nessie herself, the definition of love is about patience and compromise with each other. In life, love is not always a butterfly, but the truth is, there will be differences and trials. However, love makes two souls a team to ride the life journey together and support each other for a lifetime.