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Wedding of Ayla and Rama


Content creator, Ayla Dimitri and her husband, Rama Devara have known each other for life since they were kids in elementary school. They were schoolmates from junior to senior high school and they became best friends ever since. When Ayla was asked about what she remembered most about Rama when they first met, she said that her spouse was a curly and very athletic boy.

Every precious moment throughout the journey of every relationship is engraved to be something that is memorable to be remembered. For Ayla and Rama, the sweetest and most memorable moment in their relationship was when they were in a long-distance relationship phase. The romantically sentimental part of those days was they would give each other letters when they visited each other, which can only be opened once they’re back to their respective city of residence.

You will never know what love can do to you. That's how Ayla defined the significance of love. Over a casual conversation in early 2019, Ayla and Rama decided to be together, forever. She illustrates the atmosphere was quite spontaneous during that special moment, in which she felt in her heart that it was the perfect time for them to share a lifetime commitment albeit work was her main focus at the time. 

The inspiration for their wedding concept came from Ayla's fondness for the chinoiserie theme. Derived from the French word chinois meaning Chinese, the European interpretation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions especially in art and decoration that started in the 17th and 18th centuries have a special place in the bride's heart. Ayla really loves the aesthetic interpretation of East Asian tradition meets western art. The delicate ornament and detail of chinoiserie were absolutely perfect for the big day, as it's exuding effortless romance and elegance.

Every bride has their own vision about the dream look at their wedding. For the storyteller type of woman such as Ayla, naturally, her dream look was all about telling a story and project narration on every look she wore, hence she chose Saptodjojokartiko Bride as her quintessential wedding ensemble. She admits that she's quite a conservative bride, therefore, she prefers her wedding look to be in pristine white. She chose an elegant fusion of two things that inspires her: the timeless Indonesian kebaya for the silhouette, and the picturesque chinoiserie. Her kebaya was adorned beautifully with immaculate, detail-oriented embroideries and hand embellishments. She also noted that the narrative-driven embroideries and the fit bustier as the things she likes the most from the look.

Ayla believed that if she hadn’t administered her kain too close to her big day, our Creative Director would have made the wedding ensemble even more majestic as she would have wanted more embellishments on the total look. Every journey of weddings has a part that makes us want to relive it again, and that's the part where Ayla wishes she can turn back time. 

Ayla ruminates the idea of choosing Saptodjojokartiko Bride for her big day on the account of she is a big fan of our Creative Director and his creations. Some of her friends were also wearing Saptodjojokartiko Bride at their weddings. Been visiting Maison Saptodjojokartiko multiple times during her fashion stylist and deputy editor-in-chief days really strengthen up her admiration of his designs and attest to her wedding look decision.