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Mother’s Day Specials with Andria Sisca and Athena Thalia

When Athena Thalia first asked about the thing she remembers the most when she thinks about her mother, Madame Andria Siscafor SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO Editorial in Mother's Day Specialsis the quality time they have shared, especially traveling during the holiday season and the celebrations of mother's day.

Every precious moment throughout the journey of motherhood is convinced to be something memorable to be remembered. The sweetest and most memorable moment of Madame Sisca's journey so far was the distinct memory of herself seeing her daughter growing up and reminiscing the memory of holding her as a baby. Athena cherished every moment with her mother as she added colors to her everyday life.

Athena believes that everything her mother ever taught her is worth remembering. She admires her mother immensely, describing her as her superhero and inspiring her to be just like her. Madame Sisca always taught her to take three steps ahead and have a backup plan. Without fail, her mother always motivates her to be persistent and not give up easily.

Without exception, being the first-born daughter in the family means Athena is the one that always opens a new way and takes good care of her siblings and her mother.

Athena and Madame Sisca enjoy spending a decent amount of their time in the kitchen, from baking to cooking together. The portrayal of a good quality time includes the kitchen get-together with the whole family while Athena and her siblings make the feast; her mother does the table-setting at the dining table.

In terms of fashion, for the most part, the styling looks of each mother-daughter bond presumably influenced one another. Athena and her mother have a distinguished way of style. She is fond of colorful things and pattern clashing, while her mother likes flashy items, such as glitters, diamante, bling, etc. Rather than influencing one another, Athena and Madame Sisca would constantly tattle about each other's looks and give their honest opinion regarding each fashion style.

A mother in Athena's life was defined as life itself; she meant everything to her. From her teenage rebellion phases to being an adult, she appreciates her mother's loving affections growing up that helped shape her into the woman she is today.

Athena and Madame Sisca concluded the interview with their definition of love for each other. She and her mother's exceptionally distinct characters perpetually compromised a lot of things to evade conflicts. Love is a profound and meaningful expression of understanding and supporting the loved one, predominantly with good communication.