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Wedding of Calista and Chris

Certain memories linger for every rendezvous that happens in our lives. The one that Calista remembers the most about the first meeting with her husband was his aura that mesmerized her in a way she could never forget. The special energy that he transferred through his quiet, collected, and cool charm makes him stand out amongst the group in Calista’s eyes. It was believed to be the destiny that brought them together that day, as it was their first encounter through their mutual friends after living in Sydney for 7 years. 

Throughout their relationship, the one special and magical moment was the proposal that came as a surprise for Calista. She remembers the day she got engaged in their favourite island, Bali. The colourful sunsets and view of the sea with some fairy lights decoration above them lives forever in her heart. The proposal day was surrounded by their beloved friends, and that made their day even more perfect and complete.

The inspiration for the wedding concept came from Calista’s conviction that beauty comes in simplicity and classic timelessness. The theme for the big day was elegance and simplicity, just like what she loves about everything in general, to be simple and not too much. Other inspirations came from Calista’s research through Instagram, Pinterest, and the influence of her love for flowers. Therefore, the wedding details for the self-proclaimed flower lover also focused on floral decoration and natural colours of beige and taupe with a touch of blush coral.

Every bride has a dream look to celebrate the momentous big day. Growing up as a very simple person, she remembers not having the so-called dream look for her wedding. However, she just knew that she always wanted a column-shaped dress for her wedding in Bali and an A-line silhouette gown for her Jakarta reception. She confessed that it was quite a journey to find the right designer for her big day in Bali, due to most of the designs that she liked were being made by overseas designers.

During her research to find the right designer for her Bali wedding, Calista came across SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO. Attending the ready-to-wear fashion shows made her fall in love at the first sight with its effortless designs, combined with the ethereal immaculate quality of materials, as well as the traditional Indonesian concepts infused in it. Calista didn’t have any specific things as her wedding gown inspirations. Simplicity and elegance were the only two keywords that come to mind as she wanted to be recognized for who she is and as herself. She wanted to stay true to herself and feel comfortable in the most possible way on her big day because, in her opinion, trends come and go. 

She felt the design made by our Creative Director for her wedding day was very simple yet sophisticated and matched her soul perfectly. Calista also adored the fact that our Creative Director incorporates Indonesian cultures into the look with intricate patterns that she loved and the belt detail that just elevated the design and elongated her legs. She also noted the comfortable and light materials of her dress are very suitable for the tropical weather of Bali.


The one moment that Calista will never forget and want to relive again was the surreal moment when her dad walked her down the aisle. She remembered her dad was smiling proudly, greeting all the guests, not knowing that she had already burst into tears behind the veil. The bride was also particular with the music she chose. She set up the whole mood perfectly with ‘Alleluia by Alejandro D. Consolacion II’ as the background music. It was a very beautiful and magical memory for her. She would also love to rewind the great wedding after-party where she and her husband were surrounded by the people they love.

The bride refers to love as a journey. Love is an ongoing process of maturity, discovery, personal, and emotional growth. She believes that people grow to love something or someone, and it needs to be nurtured. She underlined that love never promises a smooth journey but it’s always rewarding, and therefore people needs to learn how to love themselves first before giving out more love to everything else around them. And she proved it already.