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Threads of Heritage: Jajang C. Noer's Exploration and Passion for Culture

August Editorial with Jajang C Noer

In the captivating tapestry of Indonesian heritage, where the threads of tradition and identity are interwoven, SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO's August editorial subtly embraces the essence of Indonesia's upcoming celebratory date.


Jajang C. Noer, a distinguished figure with 50 years experience in the Indonesian film industry born on June, 1952, in Paris, France, unveils two critical components that shape Indonesia's cultural landscape in her own words: language and fashion. As the interview unfolds, Jajang's insights underscore how these elements serve as essential threads contributing to the vibrant fabric of the nation's identity.


For Jajang, language transcends its utilitarian purpose of communication; it embodies the core identity of a nation. She emphasizes the importance of accurate language usage to preserve cultural heritage and convey messages faithfully.


Her enthusiasm goes beyond just language; it also encompasses traditional attire. She strongly emphasizes that clothing is more than mere fabric; it's a canvas that vividly portrays Indonesia's diverse cultural landscape. With the nation's rich blend of ethnicities such as Javanese, Minang, Papuan, Batak, Sundanese, and Kalimantan, a vibrant array of traditional attire emerges, each bearing its unique and defining features.

When questioned about enduring family traditions, she warmly recounts her family's unique customs. Jajang recalls the presence of a Christmas tree in her household, a cherished tradition stemming from her mother's background, harmoniously coexisting with the traditions of her father who celebrates Eid.

This symbol of unity and familial togetherness graced their home annually, representing the intricate weave of Indonesia's diverse cultural heritage.

Jajang's passion for acting shines through when she explains, "Acting comes naturally to me – I enjoy it." Her career aligns with her passions, a true calling that brings fulfilment and resonates with her enthusiasm.


In her acting journey, a poignant memory stands out—her experience on the set of "Onde Mande," a film directed by Paul Agusta. Amid the scenic splendor of Lake Maninjau, Jajang found herself deeply immersed in the lively Minangkabau culture. However, despite her Minang heritage, she encountered a linguistic challenge—delivering lines in the intricate Minangkabau language, which possesses its own unique grammar and syntax.

Her determination to conquer this hurdle remains a vivid memory, reflecting her commitment to preserving her cultural roots and contributing to Indonesia's diverse narrative. This experience deepened her connection to her cultural identity and the role of language in heritage preservation and connecting generations.

Jajang's sense of purpose and authenticity shine through in her choice of attire for various occasions. Her unwavering appreciation for Indonesia's textile heritage, encompassing a diverse array of fabrics known as "kain," is seamlessly integrated into her clothing style. Jajang consistently adorns herself in traditional textiles, reflecting her deep affection for Indonesia's distinctive cultural elements woven into every strand.


Whether it's a casual outing, a formal event, or a relaxed moment at home, she gravitates toward the timeless elegance of Kebaya or Baju Kurung, often paired with Sarung or Songket. Her wardrobe showcases variations in materials and designs; she may opt for embellished attire for evenings and incorporate traditional hair accessories like Konde—a beautifully intricate bun—or Tusuk Konde, ornate hairpins that elegantly secure her traditional hairstyles.

Amidst these variations, her clothing choices remain adaptable, reflecting both practicality and elegance. Jajang's ability to seamlessly blend the practical with the refined showcases her innate sense of harmony, aligning her attire with the nature of each event and the materials at hand, ensuring suitability for both her everyday activities and special moments.

Concluding the interview on a profound note, Jajang's message to Indonesian women seeking to infuse their style with cultural heritage is clear: "When attending parties, receptions, or weddings, embrace Indonesian attire instead of simply opting for a long dress." This advice encapsulates the essence of her personal journey—one that echoes a reverence for Indonesia's lively cultural heritage, skilfully blending tradition into the realm of contemporary fashion. Through her words and deeds, Jajang C. Noer stands as a resounding advocate for the dual endeavor of preserving and seamlessly integrating Indonesia's opulent cultural tapestry into the fabric of modern life.


Photography by Hakim Satriyo

Makeup and Hairdo by Desi Untadi

Jewelry by Mahija