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Through Ups and Downs They Become One

Wedding of Beatrisha and Edmund

Beatrisha and Edmund met through mutual friends when they were young and impressionable. They could not take their eyes off of each other as if it was destiny. Growing up together, they made memorable memories through the years and held each other through their hardships. Like a bee with a flower, Beatrisha and Edmund could no longer ignore the attraction they felt for one another and started their couple’s journey.

Then came a moment where their love grew and could no longer be contained. They knew that they wanted to be together forever, and therefore they decided to tie the knot. Beatrisha said that they are “a great addition to each other” and it is undeniable how lovely they are together.

Both the bride and the groom wanted an intimate wedding. A small cosy event with the people they love and cherish. They had also added a botanical feeling to their wedding, making it more whimsical. Certainly, it was like a fairy’s wedding. The venue had a lot of green and refreshing vegetation and plants while the church was decorated with various lovely flowers. And coral peonies were the main bold ornament of the event.

Indeed, it was a unique amorous and fairy-tale like wedding to call their own.

Unfortunately, this romantic wedding did not come without hardships. Just as they were preparing for the wedding, the couple encountered the biggest hurdle to their marriage. The pandemic had disturbed their happy ending. Nevertheless, the couple relied on one another and were able to adapt to the circumstances in fulfilling their desired wedding.

The dream look that Beatrisha imagined was a beautiful white lacey dress that was stunning to behold and comfortable to wear. Saptodjojokartiko’s wedding team were able to make the bride’s dreams come true. The wedding dress was simple and yet sophisticated at the same time. The embroidered lace and floral details embedded into it enhances the true beauty of the bride and the elegance of the dress. Edmund could not keep his eyes off his lovely wife the moment he saw her down the aisle.

Above all, a wedding is an unforgettable moment in a woman’s life where they finally become one with the person they love. When asked about how she felt about the wedding, Beatrisha said she would like to relive the moment when all her dreams become reality. The whole moment felt like a dream to her.

“Love happens in the smallest things & builds a significant change in your life,” remarked Beatrisha.