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Unfolding Alexander Gotama’s Fondness for Set Design and Fashion

January Editorial with Alexander Gotama

Alexander Gotama unfolds his narrative background on becoming a prominent event designer through this January #SAPTOJOEditorial with a unique collaboration between SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO and Alex’s distinct art direction.

He recollected his momentous torque towards his interest in designing an event through his remarkable journey while pursuing his degree and career in the medical industry. Starting by creating small events from birthdays to bridal and baby showers, Alex then found his passion in the creative industry by following his instinct to captivate every opportunity that came to him. Meanwhile, experiences honed his skills in event designing, and his portfolios emerged when he started to produce his events. Subsequently, clients commenced querying for their wedding decorations.

Eventually, in 2016, Alex founded a creative house specializing in event creative direction, design, production, and fashion/photography styling, namely LXE Moments.

The drive to be an event designer shaped him to distinguish his art direction, identified towards the art of modern contemporary and timeless classic. For Alex, the key to creating art for designing an event means pouring his idealism and interpersonal approach into his creations.

Like any other designer, Alex has his treasured part in the creative production process. He recounts his most-favorite moment was meeting the client for the first time. As he dived into their stories, personalities, and preferences, the getting-to-know-each-other stage became the predominant part of establishing the root of the final concept. Quality control for the production also became his pick as the exciting part of interacting with the people behind the project.

Every magical creation made was memorable for him as his clients gave their complete trust in proceeding with the project. One of the unforgettable events in Alex's memories that were challenging for him was the glass house installation in Bali. This artistic creation was made from scratch, then he fused the glass house with a hundred chandeliers and a hall of mirrors, resulting in infinite effects.

Alex’s interest in fashion and event design is synchronized because he was inspired by a fashion show and set the plan to do the decorating concept. He remembers seeing an haute couture show timelapse for the decoration set from ideas to the final product and found it fascinating that it awakened his passion for set designing ever since.

Aside from fashion shows set design, Alex gained inspiration through his role models, whom he looked up to the most in the creative industry: Alexandre de Betak, the owner of Bureau Betak Paris, an event specialist dedicated to the fashion, beauty, and art industries; La Mode en Images, an event art direction, and production agency that made a few set designs for fashion shows specialized in luxury; and English artist Es Devlin that construct stage designs including for Beyoncé's performance which is also his favorite.

Simplicity, chic, and statement piece are the keywords for his fashion sense. In addition, he often loves a monochromatic color palette for his looks from day to occasional wear and moderately black outfit. However, Alex’s staple product that became his signature is anything that has an oversized silhouette, and one of the reasons why he loves our Creative Director, Mr. Sapto Djojokartiko’s creation is because of the relaxed and away-from-the-body sizing for the menswear ready-to-wear collection that is the exact fit for him.

Alex discovered SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO through his mutual friends and bridal clients. Later then, he found out about the limited menswear collection available in-store in Plaza Senayan and tried it out. He was delighted by how the silhouette cutting fit and how it looked good on him.

From his obsession with anything in the tonal palette or monochromatic, the special bits-creation—hand-gloves, balaclava, and utility pockets for this editorial are specially made by SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO from Alex’s conceptualization—inspired by the subdued sophistication of deserts and sand.


The new #SAPTOJOWear collection featured in this #SAPTOJOEditorial are now available at SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO Plaza Senayan.


Photographed by Hakim Satriyo

Grooming by Sissy Sosro and Team