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Unity in Diversity

Pre-wedding of Tika and Alvin

The thing that binds couples together, bridges two families into one, beginning from shared determination from passionate souls. 

Tika and Alvin grew up in a disparate world where race, religion, and upbringing set them apart. Nonetheless, the workplace does create wonders in this highly segregated world. As a new recruit, Tika sought Alvin, his 7 years senior, for her company during office adaptation. That was when Tika first met Alvin. “If not for the office, there would be entirely no possibility of an encounter between us”, said Tika. 

The first date has passed, and it was during Tika’s second date that Alvin marked his name to Tika’s parents. It was late at 2 AM when Alvin dropped Tika home, with her parents sitting in the living room, full of raging emotions. It wasn’t easy to cool them down. But it was very sweet of him that he constantly showed up with sheer determination, and eventually winning the parents’ hearts. 

Four years of dating felt intermittently uncertain and pondering, surrounded by the vast differences between the two. It was all unsettled until Alvin went down on his knee at the Taj Mahal during their trip to Delhi. The both of them made a promise to work it and make it happen. From that very second, Tika knew that they both would never let their love surrender. 

The pre-wedding photoshoot concept was in a concoction of Javanese and Chinese heritage, representing their respective ethnicity. Classy with a casual twist. Modern with a traditional nuance.

Tika adorned the lace and intricate beadwork covering her classic Kebaya. “Totally one-of-a-kind”, remarked Tika, as she opted for Floral embroidery with Pixelated-Florets blend cascading through the sheer sleeves. 

Above all, “Love is about being with that one special person and standing your ground for your right to be together. Love is about sharing moments, and most importantly, upholding the values which we both believe in. Last but not least, love is about protecting each other, and maintaining our belief in our future, despite all challenges”, defined Tika about love.