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What Does Persistence Mean in a Relationship?

Wedding of Noi and Feisal

When Noi first asked about what does she remember the most about her relationship, it is persistency that becomes an essential part. It was shown from the very beginning when the two couples met at the bar that Feisal own. Noi entered the bar accompanied by a friend, who happened to be an acquaintance of Hide and Seek’s Public Relation Officer. Feisal, who owns the bar, keep on asking his PR to find out about this girl ceaselessly until the two finally met and befriend each other. 

The audacious determination came when Noi and Feisal visited Nihi Sumba in 2017. Noi was 26 years old and their relationship had run for 2  years long. There were fights during the stay, but the two had to remain for the continuity of the photoshoot, yet it all ended with a romantic proposal by the ocean. A soothing scene accompanied  by a warm heart. Throughout their days, there are times when Noi gave back his ring, but persistency remains present through thick and thin. There comes the second proposal at Amanoi in  Vietnam, a hotel resort that perfectly matches Noi Aswari’s name. The couple was getting back to plan their wedding together ever since. 

Every bride has a dream look, “and it is Sapto for me” said the beautiful bride assertively. Modern chinoiserie is how she describes the theme, a combination of Palembang and Chinese tradition,  polished in a contemporary flair. A wedding ornamented with lanterns, Palembang signature flowers, and a gilded touch of Songket on the mask. 

Bold as brass, as we describe Noi’s bridal selection. Her knowledge about SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO rooted back when she bought her first piece during her high school years 10 years ago. Since then she always wanted a SAPTO DJOJOKARTIKO dress as her wedding attire. “Every piece that comes from his hand is a piece of art”, said Noi. 

The wedding dress was a personalized project. It was all ingrained from a deeply personal story of Noi and Feisal that they decided to be kept on private. The long-sleeved Kebaya was entirely hand embellished with a long train and botanical-inspired appliqué, paired with a Beskap and Topi  Tanjak. The mirrored textured embellishment was carefully applied in repetitive motifs following the body curve that enhance Noi’s effortless beauty silhouette. 

That was the dress that Noi wore when she walked down the aisle, accompanied by her siblings on her side, as she recalled the magical moment that she can only feel once. It was her dream as a child to feel the warmth of a wedding day. A day of celebration along with her loved ones unconditionally.  “For better or worst”, as she defined love. Full of persistency, in a way that mutual support and acceptance are always present unreservedly.