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“A Conversation With Oneself”

Working alongside Reuben Torino is directing the short film, Sapto Djojokartiko brings audience into his meditated quarantine world in which this collection was born into. The collection was put together during the pandemic which means there were a lot of reflection as well as confusion, blinding rage but also filled with abundance of passion and creativity.

the S/S 21 collection is a mixture of the things that the Sapto Djojokartiko himself has loved and adored throughout the years such as different kinds of lace fabrics with intricate detailing on a rather subdued nude palette with

hues of plum, fuschia and terracota with majority of summer inspired colours like pink and coral. As seen on the video, the burning passion and creativity which are held mainly inside wishing to showcase itself to the world inspired some red elements into the palette as well for detailing purposes. As expected, a hint of understated glam is present throughout the collection in keeping with the brand’s DNA.

Sapto continued to explain, “Instead of going out there to find inspiration I discovered that it is meditating to find inspiration from things that can be found around me. I have been reading a lot these days. Some are history books and this leads to a period whereby I was researching a lot of visuals that have caught my attention through these books. One of them is the art of “sabung ayam” or more commonly known in the English world as cockfighting. It’s quite controversial to talk about the subject these days but I’ve always thought this act is very fascinating visually and it still exists in Bali too” Sapto Djojokartiko explained.

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